Farm Work


Guys are generally recruited for the more physical picking farm work, and girls in the packing or grading shed. However, this is not the same for all fruit. A reasonable degree of fitness is required for the majority of farm work and you must be prepared for hard manual labour, rain or shine!

We do not guarantee jobs, the amount of work and some harvests may not run for 3-months consecutively. Farm work is seasonal and can change without notice. It is also heavily dependent on the weather and market prices. We always try our best to find you farm work as soon as possible and for the length of time required.

Most jobs are Monday to Friday and a full-time week is between 35-40 hours. Weekend work varies and is more probable in the summer months.

It is our duty to provide farmers with hard workers who are reliable, enthusiastic and dependable. Farmers pay the award rate and expect their workforce to give 100% performance. Workers who are dismissed due to lack of effort may not be placed on other jobs.

Transport to and from work is provided and you must be on time and prepared each day with:

  • Food for morning break and lunchtime
  • Lot’s of water
  • Old clothes, sneakers shoes or boots, hat, sunscreen and insect repellent
  • Employee Details Form – containing information such as your Australian bank account details and Working Holiday Visa number (new farms only)
  • Tax File Declaration (new farms only)

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